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Our honest reviews will help you choose the right training aid to improve your game

Fast Golf Swing

Swing Aids

From alignment sticks that work on your posture to swing plane trainers that improve your timing, swing aids will help transform your golf game.

chipping practice

Chipping Aids

Improve the accuracy and technique of your short game with the help of chipping aids. They are perfect for practicing in the yard at home because they don't need much space.

Putting Practice

Putting Aids

These aids help you focus on different aspects of putting, from alignment to distance control. You can even practice putting indoors with the help of quality putting mats.

Find the right training aid for you

Our research and reviews make it easy for you to choose

At Golf Training Advice you will find information and reviews compiled by professionals and amateurs alike. 

We tell you about the different training aids we have used and our experience with them. 

We are always looking for ways to improve our golf game, which is why we try out many different training aids. 

Whether you’re a beginner, high handicapper or low handicapper, our reviews and recommendations will help you find a suitable training aid for your level of ability. 

Our Top Category Picks

orange whip swing trainer

Best Swing Trainers


The best swing trainers to improve the tempo of your golf swing, creating better rhythm and flexibility. No matter what your abilities are, a swing trainer will help improve your game.

golf chipping net

Best Chipping Nets


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indoor putting green

Best Indoor Putting Greens


Using a putting green will help you practice alignment, speed and distance control so you can improve your putting stats. 

golf practice mat

Best Golf Hitting Mats


A hitting mat lets you practice chipping or long range shots off different types of surfaces. Some  mats also show your swing direction. 

Training at the range

How We Create Reviews and Recommendations

Honest reviews from professionals and amateurs to help you decide

We ask golf professionals and amateurs to review golf training aids and tell us their experience and recommendations. 

Our golf professionals give us feedback on how effective a product is for different golfer abilities. Our amateurs give us feedback on using those products and how it has helped improve their game. 
We also explain what sets a product apart from its competitors, and suggest other comparable products based on price and performance.

We believe that this mix of expert opinions and user experiences provides information from different perspectives that you can use to find the best training aid for you at this time. 

Articles explaining how to use training aids to improve your golf game

how to use a swing trainer

How to use a golf swing training aid

In addition to improving the tempo of your golf swing, a swing trainer can also be used to increase your range of motion or to warm up before playing to help avoid injury.

practice golf balls

Which practice golf balls are best?

There are many types of practice golf balls made out of different types of foam or hollow plastic. Some types are more suitable for indoor use due to limited flight.

golf training grip

Do golf training grips work?

80% of golfers don't grip the club properly. Golf training grips can help rectify that by attaching one to your golf club to help create muscle memory for using the correct grip.

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